“Jesus freed me when I didn’t even know I was bound.”

Journey to My Heart with Jesus

Journey to My HeartAuthor Joyce Ritchie takes us into the private sessions with her counselor and opens her journals to share the pain, tears, loneliness and shame—but also the victories, revelations, freedom and spiritual understanding gained through the journey. Jesus wants to heal our hearts, and this book underscores how He will often go to great lengths to do so. It tackles the hard but honest truth about the realities of childhood sexual abuse and chronic illness, but doesn’t end there.

Discover how trials DO have a higher purpose in our lives

Learn about the long-term effects of sexual abuse, but also that healing IS possible!

Understand how wrestling with God over your doubts and anger CAN actually lead to a deeper faith.

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About the Author

Joyce RitchieJoyce Ritchie lives in the country with her husband, two dogs, and an empty nest. Her life perfectly demonstrates that we never know where God will take us. After years of studying for a medical career, she never dreamed she would find herself retired at such an early age. A private and introspective person by nature, she is even more astonished to have penned such an open and vulnerable memoir. She enjoys daily learning more about Jesus and about what walking with Him entails.

Foreward by Kary Oberbrunner

When I found out about Joyce’s story I was immediately intrigued. I knew her content would be deep, layered with hope and healing. Shortly into her manuscript, I wasn’t disappointed.

Some people know about God, but while reading Joyce’s story, it’s apparent she has walked with him.

Anyone who experiences the extent of her pain, and emerges as a victor is someone worth listening to. Joyce could have given up. She could have stayed down. But, she kept moving forward, believing redemption was not only possible, but also attainable.

You’ll see in the pages that follow the proof of her pilgrimage. Joyce invites you to join her on an intimate journey straight into her heart and the heart of Jesus. You’ll experience shades of darkness and shifts toward light. Her story is beautiful and poetic, woven with fabrics of grace and strands of kindness.

Her authentic writing style naturally leads you into self-reflection. Her bravery is contagious and her courage is palpable.

If you consume this book with an open mind and a focused heart you’ll find greater degrees of healing. You’ll also encounter an Unconditional Love that has been calling your name. The listening part is entirely up to you. 

Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Redeem the Day and Igniting Souls. Author of Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path, and Your Secret Name

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A very honest and vulnerable memoir as Joyce shows us what happens when we bring our pain to the God that heals.

Susan M. Rogers, MA

Professional counselor, educator, speaker, founder of Christ's Home place Ministries

Joyce gives voice, courage, and hope to those who have traveled with the emotional and physical baggage of sexual abuse.

Daphne V Smith

Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founding Partner of Well Done Life

This is a straightforward account of the emotional wreckage caused by sexual abuse. This book will pierce the heart of every reader. Many will relate to Joyce’s journey through personal experience while others will gain insight into the intense pain of abused victims. Healing is possible for God is able!

Teresa Franklin M.Ed, LPC, NCC